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Siemens BE634LGS1

Microwave Solo



Capacity (Litres)

21 Lt



Microwaves Power (Watts)

900 Watt

Digital Controls




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General Specifications

Siemens BEL634GS1 built-in microwave oven for defrosting, heating for perfect food preparation and TFT color display.

Technical Specifications

Built-in Dimension: 56 – 56.8 x 36.2 – 38.2 x 30
Capacity: 21 lt
Microwave Power: 900 Watt
Grill power: 1300
Display Screen: Has
Touch Keys: Has

Built-in microwave oven with a height of 38 cm for quick defrosting, heating or preparation of dishes (in the shortest possible time).

Power: high power time saver up to 900 watts.
TFT Display: good readability from any angle.
cookControl Plus: guaranteed success for numerous dishes.
Lateral opening of the door: ideal for high installation.
LED-Lighting: optimal, highly energy-efficient lighting. 
Type of oven/ Heating systems: Built-in microwave oven with 2 heating functions: Microwaves, Quartz grill Grill and microwave power combination 360/180/90 W

Maximum power: 900 W; 5 levels of microwave power (90 W,180 W,360 W,600 W,900 W) with Inverter Technology Intelligent Inverter technology: the maximum power is set to 600 W when used for a longer period of time

Oven capacity: 21 liters 
touchControl – Inner surface stainless steel oven
Cleaning: Door with internal crystal surface for easy cleaning
Convenience: 2.8″-TFT- color display with text graphics and touch buttons
cookControl: 10 automatic programs
Revolving door with side opening to the left
lighting Information button “i”
Door opening with button
Equipment: 1 x Grill, 1 x Glass Bowl
Environment and Safety: ON/OFF button


Installation Dimension: 56 – 56.8 x 36.2 – 38.2 x 30
Capacity: 21 lt
Microwave Power: 900 watts
Power Grill: 1300
Display screen: Yes
Touch Keys: Yes
Grill: Yes

 Safety lock: Yes

Width: 60 cm
Width: 60.0
Automatic Programming: Supported
Furthermore: 1 x Glass pan, 1x Grill, TFT Display: good readability from any angle, cookControl Plus: guaranteed success for numerous dishes, LED-Lighting: optimal, energy-efficient lighting.
Weight in Kg: 19
Dimension HxWxD (cm): 38.2 x 59.4 x 31.8