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Siemens HB673GBS1

Pyrolytic Oven



Capacity (Litres)

71 Lt

Cooking Functions


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Energy Certificate

Product Specification 

Oven Siemens HB673GBS1 with a capacity of 71 liters, with 10 modes of operation, energy class A+, with a pyrolytic self-cleaning system and a TFT color screen with touch buttons to make cooking an incredibly pleasant experience.


Built-in Dimension: 58.5 x 56 x 55
Energy Class: A+
Oven Capacity (Lt): 71
Cooking methods: 10
Color: Colored
Pyrolysis: It has


Speed up cooking times.

The fastPreheat function heats the oven rapidly. With coolStart you can speed up the cooking of frozen food as there’s no preheating needed – your dish will be done in the same number of minutes you see on the packaging. Both intelligent functions save you precious time when you need fast results.

Bake evenly, using up to four levels at once.

Getting even baking results used to be tricky, but not any more. With 4D hotAir, an innovative fan moves heat fast and powerfully through the oven’s interior. Place your trays on any rack, from one to four, and your dishes will come out perfectly baked and evenly browned. Or bake pastries on four levels at the same time, and enjoy excellent results.

Cook like a chef, with minimal effort.

Ready to bake a delicious quiche? Now you have the ideal baking partner. cookControl Plus monitors the progress of your cooking, and fine-tunes your oven settings to match. Select your dish and the oven takes over, adjusting the heat type, temperature and time as needed. Baking success is built-in, and you can savour the time you save too.

User-friendly menu navigation with good display features – TFT-Touchdisplay.

TFT-Touchdisplay for user-friendly menu navigation with good display features.

Effortless oven cleaning.

Hang up your oven-cleaning gloves for good. Thanks to the activeClean® function, your oven now cleans itself. Just remove any loose remnants, and the oven does the rest. At the touch of a button, all deposits from baking, roasting and grilling are turned to ash at high temperature. Use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces clean and you’re done.

The oven door opens and closes gently and quietly thanks to intelligent damping: softMove.

Relaxed operation of the oven without pressing and pulling. The intelligent damping mechanism ensures that the oven door opens and closes gently.

Hotair Eco:

100% hot air, 30% less energy consumption with the hotAir Eco function. For those who want to use hot air and save energy at the same time, Siemens’ innovative hotAir Eco function not only consumes 30% less energy than the maximum required for energy class A, but also ensures perfect cooking and baking. For frozen pizza, cake or lasagna, the hotAir Eco function with special temperature control has been optimized for perfect and economical baking with hot air on one level.

4D hotAir

4D Hot Air: uniform heat distribution for perfect results on every level.


The coolStart function speeds up the cooking of frozen food without the need for preheating. This saves time and valuable energy.

Cleaning & Pyrolysis:

Now you can enjoy your meals even more. Thanks to activeClean you no longer have to worry about cleaning the oven. Just push a button and the oven cleans itself. In a process known as pyrolysis, the oven is heated to a very high temperature which turns food residue inside the oven into ash. All that’s left to do is simply wipe the oven. It’s not only the most efficient way to clean the entire interior of the oven, even the new grills and racks that are resistant to pyrolysis, but it’s also the most convenient. Thanks to activeClean it becomes a reality.
The side supports and the baking tray are suitable for pyrolysis.
It also has a door with a glass inner surface for easy cleaning.


Built-in oven with 10 operating modes: 4D hotAir, hotAir eco, Top & bottom heating, Top & bottom heating ECO, Combination of hot air with grill, Large surface grill, Small surface grill, Pizza level, coolStart function, Bottom heating Temperature range
30 °C – 300 °C
2.8″-TFT- color display with text graphics and touch keys
Rotary navigation switch
Recommended temperature
Current temperature
display Preheating
display Sabbath function
ON/OFF button

cookControl: 10 automatic programs
Door close softClose, Door open softOpe
Electronic clock programmer
Automatic fast pre-heating
Halogen light, Oven light switchable
Cooling fan
Stainless steel fan impeller
Information button “i”
New door handle design
Maximum door glass temperature 30° C
Button child safety
Automatic safety shut-off
Residual heat indicator
Door contact switch


Do you want to cook like a pro, without much effort? Thanks to innovative technology, now you can. With cookControl, Siemens integrated a cookbook into the oven. The cookControl function suggests individual settings for perfect cooking. All you have to do is choose the food you want and enter the weight. The oven does the rest. cookControl ensures that you always get the best results, for a wide variety of dishes.


Energy class A+ : Perfect cooking with minimal energy consumption.
Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode: 0.87 kwh
Energy consumption per cycle in hot air circulation mode: 0.69 kwh


Where can the device be installed? Plinth base, tall cabinet installation
Device color: Stainless steel
Clues type: TFT text with controller
Number of heating functions & combinations: 10
Heating mode: 4D hotAir, Deep-frozen food special, Pizza level, Large surface grill, Small surface grill, Hot air eco, Bottom heating, Top & bottom heating, Combination of hot air with grill
Temperature range (°C): 30-300 °C
Integrated cleaning system: Pyrolysis+Hydrolysis
Telescopic mechanism: accessory
Door opening: damped, Down
Useful chamber volume – NEW (2010/30/EC): 71 l
Energy class: A+
Security: Oven Safety Switch Off, Child Lock, Door Contact Switch, Residual Heat Indicator, Electronic Door Lock, Start Button
Included accessories: 1 x combination grill, 1 x universal pan


Dimensions: (HxWxD): 595 x 594 x 548 mm
Minimum installation height: 585 mm
Installation height: 595 mm
Minimum installation width: 560 mm
Maximum installation width: 568 mm
Installation depth: 550 mm
Net weight: 37.8 kg


Technical specifications
Plug type: Gardy socket with ground
Power supply cable length: 120.0 cm
Trend: 220-240V
Rated power: 3,600 W
Electricity: 16 A


Functions for easy use
coolStart: Yes
Quick warm-up: Yes
Pizza tier: Yes
Supporting systems: Automatic programs (10)
hotAir: 4D hotAir (uniform heat distribution at any level)