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Brandt BPI164HSW

Induction Hob



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Horizone Horizone provides the ultimate in versatility. This space can accommodate your fish kettle, your large pots, or even several containers. It can be split into 2 independent cooking zones while maintaining an optimal temperature distribution.



  • Width (cm): 60 cm
  • Height (cm): 6 cm
  • Depth (cm): 51.8 cm
  • Weight (kg): 10 kg
  • Maxi power for heater (W): 2500
  • Net weight (kg): 10


horiZone cooking surface
The modular cooking space measuring 40 x 23 cm is the most comprehensive cooking zone on the market. The horiZone cooking surface provides maximum freedom and flexibility, you can use it as one large cooking zone or two independent cooking zones. Depending on the model, your hob can be equipped with 1, 2 or even 3 independent horiZone cooking surfaces.

  • Preparing food in large containers.
  • Preparation of food in several smaller containers with the same power.
  • Flexibility, elasticity and speed for perfect results.
  • 6 inductors with ferrite cells for perfect coverage of the cooking surface.

Ultra Boost
The Ultra Boost technology enables a short-term, very intense increase in the power of the cooking zone in Brandt induction plates (thanks to the increase in the power of the inductor from 2800 W to 3600 W). Thanks to Ultra Boost technology, Brandt hobs are up to 37% faster than competitor induction hobs, making them the fastest on the market today. Hobs with Ultra Boost bring 2 liters of water to a boil in just an incredible 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


“Recall” function
In the event of an unplanned short-term interruption of cooking, for example due to a power outage or the hob / zone being switched off unintentionally, one press of the RECALL symbol on the control panel will allow the last power setting and timer to be recalled from memory. Cooking can also be interrupted simply by turning it off with one button and continued by starting the RECALL function


Piano function
By pressing the dedicated touch button, the horiZone cooking surface is divided into 2 cooking zones. Each of them can be set to a power that corresponds to the requirements for preparing a given type of food. On one zone it is possible, for example, to fry the main dish and on the other it is possible to keep the soup warm.


“Clean Lock” function
The CLEAN LOCK function can be used to temporarily block the hob, e.g. when cleaning it. The lock is automatically released after one minute.

“Boil” function
A smart and practical function suitable for cooking pasta, rice or other types of side dishes.

  1. after pressing the Boil button, the plate first quickly boils the pre-entered volume of water
  2. then a sound signal will announce that it is possible to insert the pasta
  3. after inserting the pasta and pressing the Boil button again, the hob will automatically reduce the power to the level necessary to maintain a gentle boil (the boiling time can be adjusted according to the type and size of the pasta)
  4. when finished, the plate will alert you with a sound signal that the pasta is ready

Residual heat indicator
The hob will inform you via a clearly visible indicator with the symbol “H” that the surface temperature is still too high (exceeds 50 °C) and dangerous to the touch.

10 hob safety features
A completely exceptional level of security is provided by 10 elements that can take care of almost all aspects of working with the hob.

  1. Protection against overheating: the exclusive technology of De Dietrich and Brandt induction plates limits the achievable temperature to 300 °C. Thanks to this, for example, heated oil remains at a constant temperature up to this level, which eliminates the risk of its ignition.

  2. Automatic protection in case of overflow: the cooking zone is automatically deactivated when liquid leaks onto the control panel.

  3. Control panel lock: prevents the board from being switched on accidentally. A useful function especially to ensure the safety of children.

  4. Residual heat indicator: after cooking for a long time, the cooking zone may be hot. If the temperature is higher than 65 °C, the letter “H” will appear on the control panel.

  5. Automatic hob safety shut-off: this system automatically deactivates the hob in case you forget to switch it off.

  6. Automatic detection of dishes: if you turn on the hob without dishes, the LED panel will flash until you place dishes on the cooking zone. If you do not do so within a minute, the board will automatically turn off.

  7. Detection of small objects: heating using the induction zone will only start when it comes into contact with a metal surface with a diameter of at least 10 cm. This means that there is no danger, for example, of heating up metal cutlery accidentally placed on the cooking zone.

  8. Undervoltage detection (*): the hob is able to detect low supply voltage.

  9. Surge detection (*): a useful function to protect electrical circuits, especially during a thunderstorm.

  10. Improper connection detection (*) in the event of an incorrect connection, a beep will sound and the protection of the electrical circuits will be activated. Warning: In this case, do not turn on the board in any case and quickly correct the incorrect connection to the network according to the installation manual!


Hob type: Induction
Width (cm): 60
Energy: Electric


Number of zones: 4

Heating element location: Front right
Heating element location N°2: Rear right
Heating element location N°3: Left
Type of heating element : Induction
Type of heating element N°2: Induction
Type of heating element N°3: Induction
Dimensions of the heating element (mm): 160
Dimensions of the heating element N°2 (mm): 210
Dimensions of the heating element N°3 (mm): HoriZonetech
Maxi power for heater (W): 2500
Maxi power for heater (W) N°2: 3600
Maxi power for heater (W) N°3: 4000
Timer: Electronic 99 min
Timer N°2: Electronic 99 min
Timer N°3: Electronic 99 min


Type of control: Touch-sensitive buttons

Type of energy regulation: Electronic
Timer: Yes

Hob max electric power input (KW): 7,4

Current (A): 32
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Length electrical supply cord (cm): 130
Plug type: Without


Central locking: Yes

Securities devices: Pack 10 securities
Saucepan detection: Yes


Dimensions of the packed product HxWxD (mm): 140X600X750
Built in dimensions WxD (mm): 560X490
Overall dimensions above the working surface HxWxD (mm): 4X580X510
Dimensions under worktop HxWxD (mm): 56X558X488
Net weight (kg): 10
Gross weight (kg): 12.04